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Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the development of any economy. “We should develop employers rather employees and our next generation must be leaders not followers”, with this slogan SBI signed an MoU with Institute of Business Administration, Sukkur (IBA Sukkur) and Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (IBA Karachi) to launch the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) for the promotion of Agriculture.

This program was initiated as a pilot project with an aim to train 150 students in two batches (simultaneously in Karachi and Sukkur). The program was aimed at designing and conducting a program on entrepreneurship along with hands-on training in order to prepare the rural youth of Sindh to pursue agriculture based opportunities in their province. The basic purpose of this training was to develop an entrepreneurial mindset in the educated youth and also to impart basic technical knowledge and skills that would enable them to make use of modern and innovative agricultural and business management practices; therefore creating value in the on-farm and the off-farm sectors, thus enabling innovation and growth in agriculture that would lead to overall growth in the province.

The salient features of program are as follows:

  • This 6 month diploma in entrepreneurship looks at entrepreneurship education through a different lens i.e. that of the hands-on approach. The program foundations are based on the effectuation theory, the entrepreneurial method and that of the entrepreneurial plus model.
  • The pedagogy is unique and a mix of traditional, experiential, hands on exercises to develop skills and value strengthening exercises.
  • This consists of four stages explore, pursue and refine, launch and grow opportunities.
  • Each stage has four components i.e. entrepreneurship theory and practice, experiential activities, entrepreneurial skills development and values.
  • The program is unique in this sense that the participants are from all over the province and are from diverse backgrounds i.e. engineering, agriculture, medicine, sales, livestock, manufacturing, and many unemployed youth having various skills i.e. sewing, refrigeration, farm management etc. The program outreach is all over the province. More than 50% of the two pilot batches have started their ventures on a small scale.

  • The remaining are planning to start in the near future.
  • Hands-on program consist of 3 months of classroom training and 3 months to launch the entrepreneurial ventures.

  • The pilot project of Entrepreneurship Development has been successfully completed during 2013-14. Reports show that the impact on the community has been very positive. Further, people are becoming aware of entrepreneurship and its importance, whilst the number of businesses and start-ups are also increasing.

    Students of EDP acquired enough confidence which changed the mindset of their relatives and friends to opt-for small scale businesses. Students learned different aspects of entrepreneurship; accounting, finance, human resource, agribusiness, marketing and IT. Besides starting their own business, the EDP students after obtaining a diploma from IBA Karachi & Sukkur IBA have found jobs in reputable organizations including banks, NGO’s and Dairy Farms. They now believe in themselves and Entrepreneurship Development Program has helped them to identify their strengths and leverage their acquired advantages.