Mango – “King of Fruits” is one of the two most delicious tropical fruit in the world. Worldwide there are hundreds of varieties of mangoes with different colours, sizes, shapes, and weights. Although there is a lot of potential in exporting mango from Pakistan yet only a nominal amount is being exported. Expansion of mango export has a positive effect on both export revenues and social welfare of developing countries.

The importance of trade for the development process cannot be denied and neither can the importance of agriculture for the overall economy. The role of agriculture has been elevated from a sector merely supplying resources to nourish industrialization to a sector of utmost importance. Agriculture contributes about 24 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for half of employed labour force and is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings.

Mango export system in Pakistan requires efficient and systematic support to an extent that could utilize full potential of Mango economy. The mango industry holds great promise for greater revenues for the Sindh.

Government of Sindh intends to make essential arrangements to have an access to the international markets regarding the exports of Mango fruits.

Strengthened by the success of Mango Festival 2012, Sindh Board of Investment in collaboration Agriculture Department (GoS), Pakistan Fruits and Vegetable Exporters Association and Progressive Growers of Sindh intends to organize Mango Festival 2013 at following destinations:

  • Singapore (25th to 30th June 2013)
  • Malaysia (25th to 30th June 2013)

Mango Festival 2013 will have following deliverables:

  1. Develop linkages with Retailers and importers of Mangoes at identified locations
  2. Increase in Mangoes export and bulk quantity orders from Sindh, Pakistan
  3. Increased market share, export price and retail price of Pakistani Mangoes
  4. Organization of Mango Festival Launching Ceremony
  5. Display of Mangoes at Retailers outlets in identified target markets at promotional prices