Meeting With Newsmen Regarding LDFA 2017 (12-01-2017)

Meeting With ACCA Delegation (10-01-2017)

Meeting Regarding Ease of Doing Business Reform Action Plan (09-01-2017)

Meeting With Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (05-01-2017)

Signing Ceremony of EPC Contract (29-12-2016)

MoU Signing With CSIC (30-12-2016)

MoU Signing With CMEC (30-12-2016)

MoU Signing with CITIC (30-12-2016)

Meeting With Sinoma (30-12-2016)

Meeting With Norinco (30-12-2016)

Meeting With Ministry of IT (30-12-2016)

Meeting With Kangie Sanitation (30-12-2016)

Meeting With Chairman CRBC (30-12-2016)

Meeting With Chairman CITIC (30-12-2016)

Meeting With CCTG (30-12-2016)

Meeting With CCCC (30-12-2016)

Breakfast With CRCC (29-12-2016)

6th Pak-China JCC Meeting (29-12-2016)

Meeting with 36th Foreign Diplomats of 24th Junior Diplomatic Course at CS Office(22-12-2016)

China Pakistan Enterprises Cooperation Event at PC (14-12-2016)

CPEC Business Development Conference (30-11-2016)

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