Marble City board meeting (30-5-2017)

Chief Secretay, & Chairperson SBI,Naheed Memon briefing to Chengdu Security Service General Company (25-5-2017)

Mr. Ma Longjing,General Manager Chengdu Security Service General Company(23-05-2017)

Sindh Growth Forum at PC Hotel (17-5-2017)

EODB Meeting at CS office(16-5-2017)

Meeting with Dr.Asad M.Khan,Pakistani Ambassador (Designate) to Japan(09-05-2017)

Rotary District Conference 2017(07-05-2017)

Meeting with Mr. Rahim Hayat Qureshi,Designated Ambassador to South Korea (02-5-2017)

Meeting with Mr.Zhu Yonghu President of Zhongtong Bus Overseas Marketing Company(21-04-2017)

Meeting with Mr.Teoh Hang Ching,CEO DXN(19-04-2017)

Meeting with Ms.Huahua Wang,Sino Harbour Hoarding Group(19-4-2017)

Meeting with Mr. Muxing Chen,VP/Director,Ms Hongkong Jinyuan International Development Ltd (19-04-2017)

Meeting with Xie Zejiang G.M & Chief Representative of Chinese company SPIC (17-04-2017)

Meeting with Deputy Senior Commercial Officer U.S Commercial Service, H.E Stephen P. Knode(17-4-2017)

Meeting with Tianjin Muncipal Gov china (14-04-2017)

Meeting with H.E Miranda Lee counsellor Attache,china (11-04-2017)

Meeting with Ms. Yoko Watanabe,Economic Counsellor(10-4-2017)

Meeting with Mingyuan Group China (Chinese Delegation)(7-4-2017)

Largest French Business Delegation Visits karachi(06-04-2017)

Chairperson SBI meets Asha Jadeja Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist of MakerFest fame to set up FabLabs in Karachi(04-04-2017)

Chairperson SBI, commenting on policy framework & measures taken by GoS at SDPI meeting in karachi along with Governor Sindh (22-03-2017)

Meeting with Chinese Investors (25-03-17)

30 Member Delegation from various provinces of China headed by Mr. Chen Shugang (13-03-17)

Meeting With Belarus Ambassador (10-03-17)

Seminar on Doing Business Reforms in Pakistan (08-03-17)

Meeting with counsellor of the Embassy of Belarus in Pakistan, H.E Vladimir N.PAPSUEV (1-03-17)

Meeting with Dr Ata Ur Rehman (23-02-17)

International Green Economy Association (IGEA) Chinese delegation (17-02-17)

Citic Group China Visited SBI (21-02-17)

Meeting with Mr. Hans Nieuwkerk Netherland embassy (21-02-17)

China International Engineering Consulting Corporation (21-02-17)

Meeting With Mr. Matthias Emst Sales Director for Steam Turbines Generations (27-01-17)

LDFA 2017 (21-01-17)

LDFA 2017 (21-01-17)

Meeting With Newsmen Regarding LDFA 2017 (12-01-2017)

Meeting With ACCA Delegation (10-01-2017)

Meeting Regarding Ease of Doing Business Reform Action Plan (09-01-2017)

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