Sindh at a glance

“Sindh – The Land of Endless Opportunities”

AgricultureSindh – the cradle of Indus civilization has emerged as the economic hub of Pakistan. Cities of Sindh have remained prominent centers of trade and industry in the region throughout the history. With such glorious past, its thriving industrial base, natural resources, well developed infrastructure, competitive human resource, two major ports, sophisticated communication network, modern financial & services sector and investor friendly policies of the government, provide the most promising destination for business and investment.


Sindh’s coastline of approximately 350 km with thick mangrove forests is a very productive resource. 48% of fish export from Pakistan is from Sindh. Moreover, 71% of marine fish resources, 65% of fresh fish resources, and 100% of brackish water fish resources are located in Sindh.

In the context of livestock, 28% buffaloes, 27% cattle, 24% sheep, 28% camels and 40% poultry in Pakistan is found in Sindh. The livestock and poultry headcount of 40 mn (approx) provides a strong base for dairy and meat processing industry for local and export purposes.

Sindh is a rich province in natural resources. Around 60% of the country’s oil fields and 44% gas fields are located here and contributes 56% oil and 55% of Pakistan’s daily gas production. It has one of the largest coal reserves in the world (185 bn tones) a huge potential for renewable energy with 60 km wide and 180 km deep wind corridor.

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