Post Visit Report

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Chinese have always contributed towards economic development of Pakistan. SBI believes that increase interaction between business communities of two countries such as Pakistan and China will further strengthen the bond of unity established over years between two countries. Present government aims to carry forward this time-tested friendship of Pakistan and China to future generations which is based on account of the familiarity and common understandings developed over a long period of economic co-operation. Therefore SBI took an investment delegation to the Peopleís Republic of China from 15th to 19th November, 2011.

The delegation was headed by Honourable Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Speaker Sindh Assembly and accompanied by Mr. Mohammad Zubair Motiwala (Chairman, SBI), Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha (Secretary, Investment Department) and other Government Officials and Private Businessmen.

During Delegationís visit, Sindh Board of Investment and Government of Sindh has been successful to promote the potential of Sindh among Chinese investors and successful interactions were made with Chinese counterparts on G2G, G2B and B2B levels.

From the platform of Sindh Board of Investment, Government of Sindh had signed 4 MOUs with Prominent Chinese companies such as China Three Gorges, United Energy (Orient Group) in Power & Energy sector worth around $ 10 billion during visit to Peopleís Republic of China. The Investment will be made by the Chinese companies in Thar Coal, Wind Power Generation and Wind Turbine Manufacturing Facility.

SBI also successfully organized Sindh Investment Forum in Beijing whereby more than 180 Chinese companies participated.