International Coal Conference.


International Coal Conference - 2011 Report

International Coal Conference - 2011 Presentations

The Province of Sindh is endowed with one of the largest coal (lignite) deposits in the world comprising of 185 billion tons which can produce 100,000 MW of electricity for next three hundred years. Out of these huge reserves, 175 billion tons are found in Thar.

In order to create awareness, showcase the potential, attract investment and highlight Government of Pakistan / Sindh’s initiative in the development of Thar Coal deposits, an International Coal Conference is being organized under the auspices of Thar Coal Energy Board and Sindh Board of Investment on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel Karachi.

The government’s commitment to Thar Coal Development and its achievements in providing enabling environment for coal mining, power generation and other uses of coal will be presented to a much wider audience. Renowned international and national coal sector specialists, potential investors, existing project developers, representatives of development financial institutions, diplomatic corps and other stakeholders are expected to attend the Conference. Apart from these, all members of Thar Coal and Energy Board, Provincial Ministers, Secretaries of various Departments and officers of related Federal and Provincial agencies are also being invited. This conference will provide a good networking place for all players in the coal value chain.


International Coal Conference, October 22, 2011 at Sheraton Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan
Conference Theme List of Speakers and Topics

  • Registration Starts at              9.15 am
  • Arrival of Chief Guest              9.55 am
  • Recitation from Holy Quran    10.00 am

Session I: Theme: Thar Coal: Myths and Misconceptions




10.05 am

Introductory Speech on the aims and objectives of the Conference.

Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha,
Secretary Coal and Energy Development Department, GoS/ MD Thar Coal and Energy Board

10.15 am

Thar Lignite: its exploitation and various uses

Dr. Larry Thomas,
Director Dargo Associates, UK/
International Coal Consultant

10.30 am

Mitigating Power Crisis through Indigenous Coal

Dr. Marcos Leontidis,
International Mining Consultant

10.45 am

Q & A


Session II: Theme: Status of Coal Projects in Sindh




11.00 am

Thar Block II Project

Mr. Khalid Mansoor
CEO Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company

11.10 am

Thar Block V Project

Dr. Muhammad Saleem,
Site Incharge Underground Coal Gasification Project

11.20 am

Thar Block VI Project

Mr. Shahrukh Khan
CEO Oracle Coalfields

11.30 am

Australian Collaboration in Thar Coal Development for Mining and Power Generation Projects

Mr. Bradley G. Green
Managing Director
Australasian Continental Energy Pty. Ltd.

11.40 am

Sonda-Jeherruck Project

Mr. Gu Jianqiang
Chief Representative
China National Machinery Imp. & Exp. Corp.

11.50 am

Q & A


12.00 noon

Address by Chairman Sindh Board of Investment

Mr. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala

12.10 pm

Address by the Chair

Syed Naveed Qamar Shah
Federal Minister for Water and Power


Tea/ Coffee Break



  • Arrival of the Chief Guest                                  12.40 pm
  • Welcome address by the Chief Minister               12.45 pm

Concluding Session: Theme: Thar Coal - The way to achieve Energy Security




1.00 pm

Conversion of Existing Thermal Power Plants to Coal

Mr. N. A. Zuberi,
Managing Director,
Private Power & Infrastructure Board

1.10 pm

Coal: Least Cost Option for Power Generation in Pakistan

Mr. Nigel Pickett,
Consultant SRK

1.20 pm

Coal: Way to achieve Energy Security for Pakistan

Mr. Mohammad Younus Dagha,
Secretary Coal and Energy Development Department,
GoS/ MD Thar Coal and Energy Board

1.35 pm

Federal Minister for Water and Power

Syed Naveed Qamar Shah

1.50 pm

Address by the Chief Guest


2.10 pm




Note: Registration for International Coal Conference – 2011 has been closed and after scrutiny only relevant persons will be issued invitation cards.