The Government of Sindh has developed an industrial zone at 140 Acres of land on Main National Highway. The zone is dedicated to the Agro Industry which has world class features amenities comparable with any industrial zone in the international arena. The district has a predominantly agro-based economy, with main crops being wheat, gram and cotton, oil seeds and sugar cane. Main types of fruits grown are dates bananas, mangoes, guavas, Falsa, orange and lemon.

The KSEZ project is supplemented by a dedicated waste to energy captive power plant which will ensure an uninterrupted power supply to all the enterprises with in the zone.

The Khairpur Special Economic Zone (KSEZ) is being developed in Khairpur District as a Future hub for agro-processing and other related industries on a location strategically positioned for proximity to date growing areas, transportation links, and access to labor.

The Zone will provide inherent benefits of essential supporting amenities to small, medium, and large enterprises to grow and flourish in a global marketplace.

Khairpur, the land of many a splendor that preserved the essence of its conquerors in the form of present day monuments and archeological heritage to attract the tourists, is now all set to welcome both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Khairpur District is located in Northern Sindh Covering an area of 15,91O

The Khairpur city is well connected to the rest of the country by the Railway’s mainline and the National Highway. The Sukkur Airport is approximately 20 minutes drive from Khairpur Mir’s making it easily accessible.

The district has a predominantly agro-based economy with Dates, Banana, Wheat, Mangoes, Guavas, Cotton, Sugar Cane and many other types of horticulture


  • Predominantly Agro-Based Economy .
  • Geo-Strategic Location.
  • Availability of Skilled Labor.
  • Presence of Reputable MNCs
  • Growing Affluent population.
  • The cultivation of High Quantity of Dates.

Key Areas of Investment

KHAIRPUR SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE (KSEZ) SEZ provides a perfect platform with the all basic infrastructure facilities. The investments at KSEZ will be supplemented by the benefits that are offered under the SEZ ACT 2012.

Following are some of the key sectors which offer huge potential for Investment within the KSEZ;

Non-Food Processing

Speed Processing & Distribution, Feed Mills, Compost & Other Organic Fertilizers, Medical Herb Processing, Chip Board, Cotton Ginning, Furniture

Agro Food Processing

Fruits and Vegetable Processing (Pulp, Nectar, Juices, Pickles), Packing & Export Houses, Flour Mills, Biscuits, Breads and other Bakery Products, Ice Cream and Dairy Products, Spices, Bottled water

Light Engineering / Manufacturing

Date Dehydrators, Farm Equipments & Implements, Packaging, Bicycle, Hand Pumps, Electric Water Motor, Electric Fan Etc, Building Material


Commercial Area

Retail Outlets, Restaurants, Fuel Station, Auditorium, Exhibition Hall, Business Center, Conference Arena, Offices, Banks, Warehousing and Cold Storage Facilities.


Technical / Vocational Training Center, Common Facilities for Dates Curing, Laboratory with Food Certification Center, Trauma Center, Mosque, Truck Terminal, Combined Effluent Treatment Plant, , Proposed Dry Port at Sukkur.


Modern and Well-Developed Road Network & Infrastructure, 20 MWs Waste to Energy Captive Power Plant for un-interrupted Energy Supply , Water Connection, Natural Gas for industrial use.

Milestones Achieved

Main Gate, Office Building, Police Station. Internal Road Network in Package One, Fencing oif entire land is 100 percent complete. Drainage and electrification is 90 percent complete. The detailed feasibility, Masterplan, feasibility on Captive Power Plant are complete.

All the formalities and prerequisites are complete for its launching. The process of procuring an investor/sponsor by NIP/Project Office for the investment in 20 MWs Captive Power Plant is underway.

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August 03, 2013
August 03, 2013
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