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Marble City

Keeping in view the success of SEZs in developing specific sectors, both in the developed and industrialized countries, the Government of Sindh is developing a State of the Art Industrial Enclave on 300 Acres to uplift the marble and granite sector in Sindh. The Marble City project shall have tremendous investment and growth potential for entrepreneurs being based on cutting edge stone technology, innovation and services.

The concept is based on cutting edge stone technology and custom facilities to create largest and most technologically advanced industrial park for Dimension Stone (Marble & Granite) in Karachi. The dedicated entity namely “Sindh Stone Development Company” has been formed to develop the Marble City Project, which is composed of the following;

Chairman, Sindh Board of Investment Chairperson
Mr. Sanaullah Khan Director (Private Sector)
Mr. Haroon Rashid Director (Private Sector)
Mr. Ameen Hashwani Director (Private Sector)
Secretary Finance Department Director
Secretary Mines & minerals Department Director
Secretary Industries & Commerce Department Director
DG, Sindh Board of Investment Director / Acting CEO


  • Value addition of stone and mineral resources
  • Attract Foreign Direct Investment for production and processing
  • Better Jobs in terms of working conditions
  • Increase income resulting from improved skills imparted by the training.
  • Increase direct and secondary job creation, supporting poverty alleviation.
  • Enhance exports of marble, granite and others stones.
  • Waste reduction and increased productivity in the stone sector.

Common Facility & Training Center (CFTC)

The CFTC will provide training and support to the industry in high tech areas such as water jet technology, chamfering, cut to size, auto polishing lines etc. provide training and support the industry, in providing processes, those are not available otherwise in individual units. CFTC will comprise the following:

  • Modern Machinery Production Lines for Cutting, Finishing, Sizing, Polishing, Square Blocks, Packaging
  • Trainings in Mosaics, Inlay, Handicraft and Cutting for semi and skilled manpower.
  • Marketing techniques and presentation/ display skills at trade fairs
  • Requirement of training in processing of stone to produce better quality products for all the current product lines such as tiles & introduce new products based on new skills development & market demand to engage the local inhabitants.

In addition to the above-mentioned components, the CFTC will also train processors and workers to:

  • Check for the overall quality of the products and improve packaging for the market.
  • To develop improved Sales, Purchase & Services skills and to set up a CFTC marketing Department to handle selling and purchasing of products manufactured at the CFTC and by those processors using its facilities.
  • Select and purchases stone waste and blocks for processing into handicrafts, mosaics and other products developed by the CFTC.
  • Increased direct and secondary job creation supporting poverty alleviation in the area.
  • Increased investment, production, and higher wages as a result of higher demand and improved quality products.
  1. Warehouse
  • Warehouse shall provide storing, stacking, and cutting/squaring services for irregular shaped blocks of Marble, Granite and Onyx for their extractors and processors in the country on rental basis. The warehouse would be used to store raw Marble and Granite blocks on rental basis to provide single place for all sort of M&G buyers and sellers within and outside the country.
  • The warehouse will also add value to the raw blocks by properly squaring them to improve processing efficiency and exportability at low and affordable charges. The facility will also produce processed raw material for Marble & Granite handicrafts and chips making industry as a byproduct by using the wastages left from cutting/squaring the M&G blocks.
  1. Waste Water Treatment Plants / Slurry Management
  • In order to address the environmental concerns, water treatment plant / re-cycling unit will be facilitated that address the effective water utilization and prevent the wastage and pollution.
  • Slurry waste will further utilized in the manufacturing of bricks, road construction, in cement & glass industries and in pharmaceuticals.
  1. Mechanical & Electrical Workshops / Services
  • For the provision of mechanical and electrical support at site , local service providers will be provided commercial land for the erecting, repair and maintenance services within the marble city.
  1. Support facilities
  • Establishment of stone testing laboratory
  • Marketing Support Services
  • Expo Centers/ Display centers
  • Collaborating with local and foreign institutions.
  1. Research & Development
  • Market & technology research
  • Conformity & compliance to international trade requirements regarding Stone Testing & Branding
  • Create a pool of local and international sector experts
  • Mapping of stone reserves of Sindh
  • Develop Academia Industry Linkages
  • Benchmarking industrial processes and procedures with international standards (Italy/China/Turkey/Brazil/India etc)
  • Conduct research/strategic case studies for quality improvement and environmental concerns with academia and bodies of international repute.

Investment Opportunities

  • Infrastructure development
  • Captive power plant
  • Quarrying (Mining)
  • Training centre
  • Warehousing
  • Machinery pool
  • Waste Water Treatment facility

Project Benefits

The program will have the following benefits:

  1. Product diversification and innovation
  2. Economies of scale
  3. Better quality jobs in terms of working conditions and income resulting from improved skills imparted by the training
  4. Reduction in processing waste through its utilization in making of better quality and better designed handicrafts and mosaics
  5. Poverty alleviation through Skill Development in the area
  6. Increased direct and secondary job creation
  7. Increase in the exports of value added products

Socio-Economic Impacts of the Project

  1. Employment Generation

The Marble City with all established units will employ around 6000-8000 direct labor and around 15000 indirect labors.

  1. Environmental Impact

Various schemes including plantation, sewerage water/waste water treatment plans, slurry management unit and incentives to the industry for provision of green areas in the units are proposed.

  1. Education & Skill Development

Local inhabitants will be provided the technical and vocational training for modern quarrying and processing practices. The trainees shall not only serve the needs of the local industry but also serve the foreign countries.

Sectoral Impact

  1. Technology Transfer in Remote Areas

The transfer of technology will dissipate to the under developed region of Sindh where the project is proposed.

  1. Competitiveness

Marble City will support clusters in developing value chains and that too at an organized and well integrated manner. This will drastically reduce production costs, improve quality and enhance awareness amongst all units inside the City which will largely make them internationally more competitive.

  1. Minimization of Mushrooming

      Various informal clusters of Marble & Granite Industry have been created at various locations, causing serious threat to residential areas and health of residents besides depriving them with the benefits of integrated value chain management. This project will help such units reap the benefits of integrated set ups at the Marble City.

Important Milestone Achieved:

    • Formation of Sindh Stone Development Company (SSDC) in collaboration with Mines & Minerals Department and Industries & Commerce Departments, GoS.
    • Representation of Marble and Granite Businessmen on the Board of Directors.
    • 300 Acres land allotted by Government of Sindh.
    • Procurement of the land by SBI through execution of Lease Deed.
    • Benchmarking Survey completed for 300 Acres. Topographical Survey initiated.
    • Marble City Need Assessment carried out. Conceptual Master Planning initiated.
    • The Project is envisaged to be executed either through SSDC platform or under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode.
    • 300 feet wide road from Hub Dam Road is provided to access the marble city.