• ServicesAct as a Focal Point for all Investment related activities in the Province 
  • Provide Framework for implementation of Investment Policy of the Federal Government and to support provincial endeavors
  • Investment Protection by looking after legitimate interests of business / investors community
  • Provide alternate dispute resolution mechanism for cases / prosecution initiated against members of trade and industry under various commercial, industrial, labor and taxation laws enforced by the Provincial Departments
  • Suggest improvements in regulatory framework and procedural systems for Trade and Industrial activities in the Province
  • Provide platform for Public – Private interaction and promotion of Public Private Partnerships
  • Provide One Window system at the Provincial level for facilitation of local and foreign investors seeking land, approvals, concessions, facilities and support from the Provincial Departments and authorities
  • Investment and Business Research on Prospective Projects in Agro-Processing Sector Facilitating Subsidies, Concessions and Approvals from the Government
  • Business Partnerships and Match – Making Recommendations