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Multinational and Local Companies have been quite successful and operate in almost every sector of the Pakistan’s economy, especially in the consumer durable market and Oil & Gas sector. In the Oil & Gas sector companies like Shell, BP, Caltex and Total are growing in terms of sales and earnings.


Whereas Korean companies LG and Samsung have become market leaders in electronic goods. The entire soft drink market monopolized by US Multinationals Pepsi and Coke. Brands like Unilever and P&G have dominated the Pakistani market in Fast Moving Consumer Goods category. Currently there are 600 companies operating in Pakistan out of which 170 are MNC’s. The Multinational Companies, repatriated over $729.5 million to their head offices during FY2008-09.


According to the sector-wise break-up compiled by SBP, repatriation of profits and dividends by the foreign companies, registered moderate increase during the last few years. According to a survey conducted recently, an investment of Rs. 93 Billion (US$ 1.09 Billion) is already planned by Multinational Companies in/for the country. Together with the MNC’s, Local companies in Pakistan are doing remarkably well and have shown tremendous growth. This shows the vast potential that lies ahead for both the MNC’s and Local Companies in Pakistan. With Pakistan Stock Exchange in Sindh, one of the best exchange markets in the world, businesses seek to start their roots from Karachi. Below is the list of major companies operating from Karachi: